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About the author

Clara Donis-Girma was born in Guatemala, adopted as a child, and is a cancer survivor. She is a passionate author who began writing after graduating with a business degree from Southern New Hampshire University. Her life has been a testament to resilience, as she draws strength and inspiration from life's challenges.


With a heart full of love for children, nature, and pets, Clara's writing reflects her compassion and dedication to improving the world. Her mission is to motivate children to be compassionate and kind towards others through the power of storytelling.


Inspired by her beloved pet Milo's heartwarming adoption journey, Clara's debut book series encourages families to consider pet adoption a loving choice. She believes every pet deserves a forever home filled with love and care.


Clara enjoys the outdoors with her husband, Daniel, and her loving pet, Milo, cherishing the simple joys of life. Through her writing, she continues to inspire and empower young minds, leaving a lasting impact on the hearts of her readers.

About the Author

My son LOVES the series! He enjoys learnings about pets and wants a kitty cat for his birthday. We are currently learning about responsibility and this series nailed down the message. I highly recommend it!

What a cute children's storybook about adopting pets. Clara and her mom visit the local pet shelter to find a cute pet for her. She decides on a little orange kitten. The story is very sweet with adorable illustrations and it teaches children about the process of adopting a pet. Very nice children's book.

This is a cute book that teaches children about the journey to becoming a pet owner. It is colorful and good for an inquisitive child. This is a wonderful story to share with children who want a pet so they have a realistic view of the process. I would recommend!

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